Simple Chef Air Fryer Review

Simple Chef Air Fryer Review

Simple Chef Air Fryer Review

Super-fast and super simple—that is the promise of air fryers such as this. An air fryer aims to simplify the lifestyle of every cook in every home by being able to provide quick and healthy meals for the family. It also is backed by a 30-day full refund in case you are not fully satisfied with it. Let’s look at the Simple Chef Air Fryer.

Simple Chef Air Fryer Features

  • Easy to use
  • World-class design
  • Air circulating technology
  • Healthy
  • 30-day guarantee a full refund

simple chef air fryer

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If a user-friendly appliance is what you are looking for in your kitchen, you need not look any further for the Simple Chef Air Fryer is here at your service. We all know the difficulties that occur when cooking with substances like hot oil. It’s like risking an arm and a cheek to come near the hot oil fryer just to flip a patty sometimes. That is why innovation and technology have come up with air fryers that are now the easiest way to fry.

You just need a maximum of a spoonful of oil per batch and your food comes out nice, crisp, and golden without the need for any splashing oil or flipping. All you have to do is to coat your food with a hint of oil, place it in the cooking chamber, set the time and temperature, and then wait for it—all the goodness and none of the oil.

This air fryer lives up to international standards as it has a world-class design that is accepted by many nations. The outer shell is made up of a 100% food-safe BPA-free plastic so that no toxins may leach into your food.

The rest of the components such as the tray, the pot, and the interface are all state of the art, so not only are you getting a modern cooker, you are getting one with all the modern niceties that is deserving of any modern kitchen.

You can cook entire meals in this state-of-the-art fryer—from meats to carbs, to vegetables—all in one chamber and all in a push of a button—that is a truly modern cooking method.

The secret of the mechanism that allows the Simple Chef Air Fryer to cook your food is its air circulating technology. It does so in a state-of-the-art fashion that transcends normal air frying to be able to provide you with excellent results.

At the end of your cooking session, you will have delicious food that is crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Your guests and family will definitely love every bit of your cooking when you cook with this air fryer. You can leave them amazed every time with air-fried meals.

Not only that, but you will also be enjoying delicious mouth-watering food without the added calories of fat from cooking oils. You will also enjoy the nutrients from this cooking in full because unlike boiling, or other conventional cooking methods, air frying tends to preserve more of the nutrients within the food since oils and water seem to leech out the nutrients within when you choose to cook with those methods. You can also have access to plenty of healthy and hearty dishes. Enjoy guilt-free potato fries, steak, pork chops, chicken wings, burgers, and even cakes!

The Simple Chef Air Fryer lives only to please you and your family. That is why it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return the product and get a refund if you are not fully satisfied with it. That being said, the product and the company care for your satisfaction just as much as you care for your health.



A few users noted that the frying basket in the device is prone to peeling, even without using any abrasive cleaners on it. Also, as with all other air fryers, it may take some getting used to if you are already skilled in cooking with a conventional stove or cooktop.

A few users noted that their meats become dry and rubbery after using the air fryer and that their fries do not come out as good as they were when deep-fried in oil. Try your hand with the device a few times and practice some as it takes some adjustment to really get the hang of cooking with it.


If you want something that is simple and no fuss, which can help you out a lot in the kitchen, you should definitely give this Simple Chef Air Fryer a shot. It saves you time and energy, and cuts down on oil consumption, especially for fried foods, which means that the food cooked in it is healthier for you.

It is made with world-class quality and even comes with guaranteed 30-day money-back benefit that you can definitely avail yourself of if you are not satisfied, or if there are manufacturing defects or problems with the fryer.

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