Cozyna Air Fryer Reviewed In 2020

Cozyna Air Fryer Review

Cozyna Air Fryer Review

Cooking for a large crowd? Worried about the barrels of oil that you might need for all that chicken? You can stop worrying because there is the Air Fryer by Cozyna that will save you from using lots of oil while cooking in larger batches so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your guests and family.  Let’s start our Cozyna air fryer review.

Cozyna Air Fryer Features

  • Full and guiltless flavor
  • Multi-purpose
  • 3.2-liter capacity
  • 30-minute timer
  • Temperatures adjustable up to 392°
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes 2 cookbooks with more than 50 recipes

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Experience all the goodness of crispy fried food without the guilt of consuming an excess amount of fat from cooking oil. With the Air Fryer by Cozyna, you need not worry about extra calories because you need not dunk your food in a foot of hot oil in order to enjoy it with a crisp and golden crust.

You can now enjoy your French fries and fried chicken without having to control your love for it thanks to the air frying technology of this appliance. You can use up to 70 percent less oil since you will only need a spoonful or less every time you cook.

It has quite a large food containing capacity at 3.2 liters. You can adequately feed up to seven people at a time with this fryer so you would not have to cook so much in batches. If you are expecting visitors and friends over for dinner, you can impress them with your healthy fried goodies.

If you are planning to cook a nice family dinner for relatives who might come over for holidays, you can confidently cook delicious and healthy meals for every member of the family. From the youngest member of the family up to the oldest, they can definitely enjoy your cooking while reaping all the health and nutritional benefits of air-fried cooking.

This is truly a versatile device since it not only air fries but also roasts, grills and bakes food. You will not only be limited to a single cooking method for this device but you will have all the variety and versatility you might want from an air fryer. To keep your food safe from burning or drying out, it comes with a 30-minute timer that you can set to shut off the device automatically when it reaches the pre-set time so that you can worry less about your cooking.

With a max temperature of 392°

To allow you better control over your cooking, the device temperature may be set to a maximum of 392°. This lets you have much better control over your cooking in case you want more or less of a crust on your food, and so you can make the necessary adjustments as you please.

The ultra-high temperatures also allow you a faster way of cooking your food, especially if you are in a hurry or short on time. To live out the efficiency and time-saving benefits of an air fryer, the Air Fryer by Cozyna is also built to be as low maintenance as possible. All of its parts that come in contact with food are dishwasher safe so that you can toss them into the machine for cleaning, without any need for scrubbing or scraping.

To help you better adjust to air frying, especially if it is your first time using an air fryer, this product comes with a cookbook that consists of up to 50 recipes that you can use for daily cooking, or you can modify to make your own to suit you and your family’s taste.

These recipes cover most of the basic recipes such as fried chicken, saucier dishes, and then down to desserts that you never imagined could be made with an air fryer. The Air Fryer by Cozyna comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a massive two-year warranty to ensure that each and every user of this air fryer is indeed satisfied with their purchase.


As with all air fryers, this one may take a bit of a while to get used to. The super high temperatures may be difficult to control for some and may dry out your meals in a way that would make them rubbery and tough.

Also, there have been a few complaints about the device’s durability, especially with its non-stick cooking chamber that accordingly starts peeling off after just a few months of use. Try to use your device sensibly, and if possible, spray a tiny bit of oil onto the food before cooking to avoid this from happening.

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Verdict of Cozyna Air Fryer Review

If you want a large-capacity air fryer, this is definitely the one to go for. The average large air fryer may only take up to two liters, but this one goes beyond three; if you have a large family, or if you often have large crowds to feed at home, or if you simply eat a lot, this fryer will be a tool that you might simply love.

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If you are looking for a smaller air fryer, then please have a look at the Black & Decker.

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